Nordic design. Workshops and lectures

We organize workshops, presentations and trainings on topics in which we are experts, among others on art, culture, architecture of the Nordic countries.

Nordalia Festival

Several times  we took part  in Nordalia,  the largest in Poland festival of Scandinavian art, culture, design, film, music, literature, history, that  was held at Silesia Region.

The event was actually created on a grand scale, with  dozens of meetings, presentations, lectures and exhibitions,  in more then 6 cities.

We gave two lectures. One at the Museum of  Katowice City,at  the presence of city authorities and numerous auditorium.  Dr  A. Blandzi lectured  “Scania – revitalization of Malmo – from the port docks to friendly urban spaces”.

The lecture “Skåne – in the footsteps of art, architecture and design”  we presented during the Nordalicus awards ceremony in the Cinema Hall at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice.

Statuettes Nordalicus have been funded by the City of Katowice.  Prizes have been sponsored by Stena Line and VisitSweden. The awards were handed  to  three winners by Agnieszka Blandzi.

NORDALICUS is a competition for art students from all over Poland, announced by the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. In 2016 the young artists were asked to perform three illustrations to Scandinavian books. The best
performances have been exposed at the Academy of Fine Arts. We were very impressed by the high quality of illustration submitted by students of art schools from all over Poland.