Market research is an invaluable source of information necessary to make sound business decisions.

Professionally conducted market analysis allows you to be always one step ahead of the competition, which in today’s market situation is the key to success.

1. Market research

We have extensive experience connected with market research and reports on the following industries:

  • transportation (railway, aviation)
  • chemical industry
  • food industry
  • hotel industry
  • tourism industry

2. Public opinion research

We conduct quantitative research mainly based on the following techniques:

  • CLT (Central Location Test) consumer test
  • HUT (Home Use Test) test
  • questionnaire interviews at respondents’ homes or in public places (in the street, store, etc.)
  • by means of: PAPI technique (paper questionnaires),
  • CAPI technique (laptops/ tablets),
  • interviews conducted over the telephone – CATI,
  • interviews conducted over the internet – CAWI.

The main techniques we use in qualitative research are FGI (Focused Group Interview) and IDI (Individual In-Depth Interview).

Our clients include companies in the chemical and aviation industries, as well as regional, governmental organizations in Denmark and Sweden, international Chambers of Commerce and airlines.