Market research. Criteria for selecting accommodation places

The aim of our project, carried out together with the Norwegian Partner, Forte Digital, is to design and develop a prototype of an innovative booking platform thanks to which seniors and people with broadly understood mobility limitations can easily identify, book and buy online accommodation that meets their requirements in Poland. It is extremely important to redefine the criteria of the selected target group and then identify the accommodation and stay facilities that meet these criteria.

Therefore, another important market research was conducted in 2022 entitled: “Criteria of choice. What do seniors and people with physical disabilities consider when searching and booking a holiday accommodation in Poland on the Internet?* Based on the selected preferences of the respondents, a survey was developed. This survey was the basis for creating an innovative software model by the Norwegian Partner, Forte Digital.

Data for the study were collected from January 27 to February 10, 2022 in a carefully selected group of respondents, consisting of 5,200 people aged 18-79, living in Poland, people with physical disabilities and seniors aged 60-79. The survey consisting of 8 sections was conducted online, which means that the results are relevant to the group of people who have access to the Internet. The respondents were asked, first of all, about the accessibility criteria of the reservation website. Then, what criteria have a decisive impact on the selection of accommodation facilities in Poland: location and attractiveness, usefulness/adaptation for the target group described above, surrounding infrastructure and its availability. We were also asked about the search engines used so far and their effectiveness, as well as what guides users when choosing a given website/application.

Our study was carried out at the turn of January and February 2022, so the changes in habits that occurred as a result of the pandemic were reflected in the results of the report. It turned out that many people who had not bought online before were convinced to this form of shopping. More than one third of the surveyed people replied that they had booked or purchased accommodation and stay places in Poland online and also intended to book them in the future.

Market research results are a very important element in the design and construction of an innovative application prototype, therefore, until the project is implemented, they will not be made publicly available in the form of an open document (so-called “open access”).

*The market research was carried out using the CAWI method by an external research company selected in a tender in a publicly available competitiveness database.